Education: The Ralph Waldo Emerson Way

emerson12_crNow that you’ve read Emerson’s On Education on page 102 of The Language of Composition (TLC), and now that we have a bit of an idea as to what he is on about, it’s time for some analysis of how he does what he does. To that end, thoughtfully respond on your blog to questions 2-3, 5-6, 8, 10, and 12 on pages 108-109.

And as you do this and your other homework, remember that

“Not less delightful is the mutual pleasure of teaching and learning the secret of algebra, or of chemistry, or of good reading and good recitation of poetry or of prose, or of chosen facts in history or in biography.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Take delightful pleasure in this learning activity up through Wednesday evening (due Thursday November 4).

Of interest…transcendentalism. If that article proves too heady for you,Wikipedia’s is okay.

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This site was effectively retired by my school’s move to Google Apps. So I ported my beloved Edublog to Blogger and that is the site that will continue, unless they improve the blogging portion of Google Sites and I find that more useful.

It’s been a great run with Edublogs and I’m sad to leave it, but it just makes more sense to go with the technology used by my school now that they have adopted a current web technology.

One last article…I couldn’t help myself!

The rise of women

Did the gender issue interest you? Are you concerned at all about the plight of men as guys like Theroux detailed.

The Atlantic in my mailbox just today has declared the End of Men. Read about it. It’s a long article, but it is well worth it.

If you’re a girl, be afraid of the demise of men.

If you are a guy, get mad. Get riled. Decide that you will not be left on the scrap heap of culture and history. Tap into your competitive nature. Decide to demand your education. Demand your future. Then earn it.

The world needs more Jacob Rummels and Maverick Antonios and Cody McKenzies (Guys who work hard pursuing excellence in everything, at least everything I witnessed them do over the last couple of years).


Period 2 Jumping!

In spite of the fact that the people on the right look a tad loony, I just wanted to say that I really did have some great AP classes this year. I will miss you this summer. And I hope you all send Helen off to DC with a bang. She will be missed next year. I even caught Ms. Robison crying in the teacher lounge when she heard Helen was moving as she wouldn’t get to have her in class. I guess I was the lucky one. I wish you all the best for the summer. Stay safe, but have an amazing time as well.

The pictures are in a Google file cabinet on my main site.  Oh, and check out the air Mr. McKee is getting in the back left. Also, notice Cody with his ninja pose. Good times.

Class Pictures

Oh, and sorry there is a disparity in the number of pictures between classes. When other people took the pictures, there tends to be just one. Sorry 1st period…

PS If you’re looking at Robison’s blog for the summer assignment, it doesn’t appear to be there. Instead, it is at her static school site.

Important Reminders

  1. reminderYou need Gatsby bookblogs for chapters 1-4. If you have chapters 1-3, they are marked incomplete in the grade book. That makes me sad. 🙁
  2. Bring your books (all of them) to class on Tuesday. We will take them back to the library.
  3. Study the resources available to you here for the final.
  4. You can get the schedule for the rest of the year on the Calendar tab at the top of the blog.
  5. A lack of missing assignments makes teachers more inclined to give a student the benefit of the doubt. Just saying. 🙂

As of this writing, there are only 10 days (7 school days — and 2 of those are half days) of school left!!! I will miss you, but I am so ready for this year to end.

This I Believe…is your last paper!


Ninja Nakayla Chan

Your this I Believe essay is due on Friday June 11th.  It should be uploaded to your blog and you will be reading it aloud in class as well.  Here are the requirements adapted from the This I Believe submission page (I encourage you to submit them to This I Believe if you wish).

Keep the following in mind when you write your essay:

  1. Limit your essay to 350-500 words.
  2. Describe an event that shaped your beliefs or a person who inspired them.
  3. Avoid sermons and editorials—no soapbox declamations, please!
  4. Read more of the This I Believe essay-writing tips.
You can peruse multiple examples at
If you look at the Calendar, you’ll see that with the movie et al, we are running right up to the end with Gatsby. So, I advise working on this in the background. If we have time one day, we will look at some examples on the website, though I recommend looking some examples on your own. Often the ones put on the radio are a bit better, but not necessarily so.
Andrea Kang’s This I Believe essay. They reposted it from its original posting so all of the comments are gone, but her essay is there.

Discussion Ideas


Paris Cafe Discussion

Here’s the Literary Conflicts sheet we used in class today. It’s also linked on the Class Info & Docs page.

Remember as you’re planning your discussions, you can have whole class on the board, giant circle, or small to large group. there are many other ideas and feel free to experiment. Just have a plan for what you want us to discover and see in your chapter. Don’t forget to connect it to the novel as a whole. Tuesday is a work day for these discussions.